Job Offers

一、Administrative commissioner 

Job Responsibilities:
1. Daily administrative and personnel work of the company;
2. Financial and order assistance, the organization and distribution of system information;
3. Communication and coordination within and outside the company;
4. Complete other matters assigned by the superior.

二、Marketing Specialist  

Job Responsibilities:
1. Project (chemical/biological) management;
2. Business development;
3. Other matters assigned by the general manager.

三、Experimental technician (chemical / biological) Need multiple places

Job Responsibilities:
1. Proficiency in the operation of chemical experiments from milligrams to kilograms, and effective analysis and judgment of experimental results;
2. Proficiency in the review of chemical literature and analysis of analytical data;
3. Good project communication and coordination skills;
4. Complete other tasks assigned by the department leaders.
Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor or master's degree in chemical, pharmaceutical, biological and other related fields; experience in organic synthesis is preferred;
2. Familiar with organic chemistry theory knowledge and experimental operation proficiency;
3. Work proactively and with strong sense of responsibility;
4. have the ability to solve problems alone.